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VITAL 2020 (Windows Build)

This game is best played in Fullscreen.
Built for Windows 64-Bit.

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This game was made in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 46, please rate it here.


The year is 2020. The world is facing an unbeatable pandemic and its citizens have been placed in lifelong quarantine. The Government has declared that all citizens at age 18 shall be given BFLAT Interactive’s latest health software, the VITAL 2020. The VITAL 2020 system is “the premium of home health monitoring.”

Today is your 18th birthday, and this is your VITAL 2020 system. Administer the correct medications for the illnesses that ail you. Can you keep yourself alive for the next 82 years?


  • A playthrough of this game is 3 minutes or less.
  • There are multiple possible endings.
  • Administer the correct Medication for the illnesses that ail you.
    • Antibiotics kills Bacteria.
    • Antivirus kills Viruses.
    • Antifungal kills Fungus.
    • Antiprotozoal kills Protozoa.
  • Your [Medical Strength] determines the number of illnesses a Medication will kill per use. As you age, your [Medical Strength] will decrease.
  • Making a mistake, by using a medication that is not needed, will cause additional illnesses and decrease your [Medical Strength] by 1.
  • CRITICAL DANGER (Death Counter):
    • Having 1 or more of all 4 illness types will start the death counter.  Having 25 or more in any 1 illness type will also start the death counter. If the counter reaches 0, you will die. Kill illnesses to within a survivable range to reset the counter.
  • Win by reaching age 100, and be rated on your performance throughout your lifetime. If you die sooner, you will still be rated on your ability to take care of yourself. There are multiple endings possible, but only 1 is the best.


  • Left-Mouse Click


  • The game is currently available for Windows and HTML 5 (Browser).
  • The Windows build is the optimal build to play.
  • This game is not compatible with Microsoft Edge.


  • Daniel Manoiu: 3D Modeling and Physics, Music and Sound, Programming, Story.
  • Sage Fremont: 2D Graphics & Animation, UI Design, Programming, Endings.


VITAL 2020 v1.0.1 (Windows).zip 33 MB

Install instructions

Itch App: This game is compatible with Itch App. If using the Itch App, just click the "Install" button.

Manual Install/Uninstall: Download the zip file. Extract all from the zip file. Run the "VITAL 2020.exe" file. This is a stand-alone application, so no installation is needed. Simply delete all associated files to remove from your computer.

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